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What I've done

I have been designing websites professionally since January 1995. At that time I was living in America and was fortunate to be there when the popularity of the internet first exploded, which was a good year or two before it gained similar momentum in the UK.

Upon returning to the UK I took a job with ICL, working in their web design studio in Bracknell. My main role there was working within the e-commerce department where I got to work on shops for NatWest, Interflora, Church's Shoes and Sega among others. While there I furthered my technical skills and learned a lot about the corporate side of the web design business. I stayed there for 18 months- my main reasons for leaving being that I couldn't stand sitting in traffic on the worst part of the M25 every day or the idea of leaving my friends and family behind and moving to Berkshire.

After leaving ICL in 2000 I decided to try my hand working in a Freelance capacity, which is where I still am today, some nine years later. I enjoy the direct contact with my clients as well as the overall control to ensure that websites I create are delivered to a high standard and at a reasonable price.

Who I Am

I am based near the border between Brighton and Hove. I collect records & gadgets, enjoy getting away from it all into the depths of the countryside and exploring other countries, riding my mountain bike and spend too much time in front of my various computers.

What I do

In short: create easy to use, easy to update and well engineered websites.

I provide a complete service, from concept to launch, providing everything that you need to gain an online presence that's ahead of the pack.

For the last 11 years I have made an effort to use standards compliant code, which means that the underlying code behind my websites adhere to coding standards laid down by the governing body of the web (the W3C) wherever possible. This ensures that the websites will load on a wide range of computers and devices well into the future, and also makes them easier to edit, faster to load, more accessible to those with disabilities and easier for search engines to index and list.

Content Management

Many people would like to be able to update their website themselves rather than relying on someone else to add pages and images or change some text. For these people I provide fully content managed websites, allowing the site owner to look after the content of the website. These sites can have many different special requirements, such as the publishing of news stories, event calanders, image galleries and private areas of the website which are only open to company employees or those given access (intranet/extranet). All of these features and many more can be supplied as required.

Custom Wordpress Based Websites

Wordpress has been my chosen web publishing system for the last five years. From strong foundations it has grown to be an incredibly well engineered piece of software with an impressive amount of plugins and add-ons available which allow it to be used for far more than its original main purpose of blog publishing. It is the most popular blog software in use today and one of the most popular content management systems.
Customers appreciate the simplicity of keeping their site up to date and the flexibility of the platform. I take the time to author Wordpress themes from scratch, using standards compliant code to ensure that websites are lean and mean- loading quickly and easy to navigate.

Custom CMS Made Simple Based Websites

For websites which require more functionality than Wordpress can offer, I use CMSMS. This is another great piece of software which is more suited to bigger websites. It is simple to manage a growing website, allowing for advanced functionality to be added with relative ease. Best of all, like Wordpress, the software is Open Source Software, so it's free to use, modify amd and regularly updated.


I can also provide hosting for your website, email and any databases you may need for the running of your website and help with purchasing a new domain or using an existing one.

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To contact me, please email webdev {{AT}} (replace the spaces & {{AT}} with an @)

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